About Full Glass Research

I am a professional marketer and researcher with 25 years of work experience, primarily in marketing, consumer and trade research and industry analysis. My experience includes work with both small and large companies, as a brand manager, in retail and restaurant sales, in operations analysis and market research. I hold an MBA from Cornell University and a BA in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College.

I started Full Glass Research for the purpose of offering clear answers and applicable solutions to people with questions or problems of marketing, sales, product planning or industry strategy. The key elements of the Full Glass approach will consist of:

  • Understanding the unusual aspects of your business category. Consumer quirks, distribution issues, demographic skews and other aspects that make an industry unique must be taken into account. A one-size-fits-all approach to research design can neglect key elements that will impact your ability to use the answers provided.
  • Choosing the best research methodology for your budget and issues. The best way to find answers will change with the questions. I have experience with online, phone and mail surveys; field and trade research; focus groups; sensory evaluation; data mining and tabulation; market research techniques such as conjoint analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, regression, and A/B testing; and economic impact studies using public and private data.
  • Getting answers to key questions that you can use. The planning phase of the research project must narrow down the research to the key issues, and figure out exactly what answers or data are needed to make important decisions. There is a lot of data that is “nice to know” but not impactful. You shouldn’t necessarily have to pay for it.

What is Wine Opinions?
In addition to being proprietor of Full Glass Research, I co-founded and continue to advise Wine Opinions. Wine Opinions specializes in both qualitative and quantitative market research in the wine and spirits industries. Wine Opinions has unique resources and capabilities in the wine & spirits categories, including national consumer and trade panels with thousands of members, a specialized online qualitative methodology, and principals with years of experience in the industry. For more information, please contact me at cmiller@wineopinions.com.