Projects and Clients

A sample of recent projects completed by Full Glass Research or Full Glass Research & Wine Opinions:

  • analysis of gourmet cheese consumers’ buying habits and criteria plus impact of various types of merchandising and packaging for the Oregon Cheese Guild
  • qualitative trade research plus pricing strategy and marketing plan for a Spanish wine producer entering the U.S. market
  • survey and analysis of club and mailing list consumers for two leading Pinot Noir producers
  • survey of consumer awareness, purchasing and perceptions for two major Spanish wine regions (with Wine Opinions)
  • review of long term tracking survey data for the Wine Market Council
  • syndicated report on wine, beer and spirits usage and interaction by generation (with Wine Opinions)
  • a qualitative and quantitative study on usage of, and attitudes towards sustainable agriculture and certification, covering producers and trade
  • a consumer survey and quantitative analysis of wine tourism for a California wine region, detailing familiarity, image, preferred activities, variations by region and impact of communications and events
  • analysis of supply and demand trends of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet and their implications for a major California wine region
  • A conjoint analysis revealing trade-offs between price, time commitment and package features for a state-wide meal lunch delivery service
  • Qualitative research for a spirits association assessing new ways to promote and serve its product (with Wine Opinions)
  • A survey of reception and impact of legislation on members of a regional association
  • Multiple studies of consumers who buy wine direct from the winery or online, distinguishing motivation, wine preferences and buying method
  • A major study of the economic impact of wine and wine grape growing on the Oregon economy
  • Quantitative tests of packages and labels (with Wine Opinions)
  • Brand positioning and perception within the trade for several wineries ranging from large conglomerates to small high end producers
  • Research on consumer awareness, perceptions and visitation for various California and French appellations  (with Wine Opinions)

A sampling of Full Glass Research and FGR/WO clients:

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Clients (sampling)

Clients (sampling)