Projects and Clients

A sample of recent projects completed by Full Glass Research or Full Glass Research with partners:

  • An update of a study on cheese purchasing behavior, perceptions of artisan cheeses, and reaction to a controlled package test, for the Oregon Cheese Guild
  • A test of the interaction between package types, drink category and drinking occasion (with the Wine Market Council)
  • Research on trade perceptions of sustainable production and certifications for the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (with Wine Opinions)
  • Qualitative and sensory research on a new type of spirit (with Dragonfly SCI)
  • A seminar on global wine marketing, co-sponsored by UC Davis, Basque Culinary Center and Camera Rioja Alava
  • An analysis of tourists and winery visitors in Southern Oregon, with a focus on best features, winery experiences and the interaction between non-wine and wine-related activity (with Rogue Valley Vintners, Scion Advisors and University of Oregon)
  • A review of industry surveys and data in the cider category for a national organization
  • Test of advertising content and consumer perceptions of a variety of foods and beverages for a European country’s export marketing arm (with Wine Opinions)
  • Assessment and measures of sales by channel, promotion effectiveness and marketing strategies for a California wine region
  • A survey and analysis of club and mailing list consumers for two leading Oregon Pinot Noir producers, a prestigious Central Coast Chardonnay and Pinot Noir producer, and a leading Washington producer of Bordeaux varieties
  • A survey of tourists who have visited California wine regions, with analysis of spending, activities, wine interaction by region visited, origin, and type of consumer (with Wine Institute and Destination Analysts)
  • A consumer attitude and package test for a European producer of a canned multi-category beverage, who is introducing the product to the U.S. market (with Wine Opinions)
  • Qualitative trade research plus pricing strategy and marketing plan for a Spanish wine producer entering the U.S. market
  • Annual surveys of consumer and trade, purchasing and perceptions for two major Spanish wine regions (with Wine Opinions)
  • A review of long term tracking survey data for the Wine Market Council
  • A syndicated report on wine, beer and spirits usage and interaction by generation (with Wine Opinions)
  • A consumer survey and quantitative analysis of wine tourism for a California wine region, detailing familiarity, image, preferred activities, variations by region and impact of communications and events
  • Quantitative tests of packages and labels (with Wine Opinions)